A team of Experts

Our team consists of highly qualified consultants that have a proven track record in the field of Enterprise Content Management, Analytics and Web & Mobile development. With more than 50 years of combined experience we are conviced that our expertise can be a key succes factor in a ACM project.

Our expertise is not only limited to a technical expertise, but it also includes change management, project management and UX best practices for this type of projects.

What to Expect Working with Us


In order to get the job done you need motivated people. Convitas consultants are highly motivated to crack the most technical challenges.

The perfect fit

IT consulting has become a complex job and at Convitas we believe that each job requires a set of specific skills. In order to get the job done we carefully examine the specific demand and match it with the skills of one of our consultants.


ACM projects are often a cornerstone of your business. Therefore, delivering quality is one of the most important values we care about at Convitas.

Founder and Principal Consultant - Filip Van Put

Filip is specialized in Business Automation Solutions. He participated in roles varying from: developer, teamleader, technical lead consultant, architect, trainer, pre-sales. Most of the time participating in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) projects, he often bridges the gap between functional and technical people.
Filip gained experience in large projects in the following industries: Manufacturing, Telco, Publishing, Public sector, Insurance, Finance and Pharma.

Cronos Groep

We are a proud member of the Cronos Groep, means that we can rely on other IT skills to offer the best team for your project.