Our services

What we're good at

Since we have an allround and versatile team we are good at a lot of things, but here are a few points where we excel at.


We believe that solving a business problem starts with listening. At Convitas we try to listen before acting. Before implementing Business automation workflow solutions you must listen and understand what problem you are trying to solve or what pain you are trying to relieve.


Automation projects tend to be quite challenging. Given our broad experience in this type of projects, we are happy to offer our sound and unbiased advise on different angles of the job. Whether it's project approach, technical architecture or change management. We can provide help in all aspects of business automation solutions.


Of course, the implementation of a good Business Automation solution is at the heart of our expertise. We can help with analysis, development, configuration and many other aspects that come with the implementation of a business automation solution.


Once a system is up and running it has to remain up and running of course. At Convitas we not only implement production ready systems, we also keep them up and running with the necessary SLA's.